From the inventive Cirque Mechanics comes Pedal Punk, a Steampunk inspired acrobatic whirlwind where cycling is the escape from technology obsessed society. In Pedal Punk we experience the excitement, artistry and thrill that occurs when a zany bike shop mechanic interacts with cyclists and bikes and repairs more than broken pieces. He creates wondrous machines that come to life and inspires the cyclist in all of us to unite with our inner Pedal Punk. The Cirque Mechanics show will be in the Ellen Eccles Theatre October 13 and 14 at 7:30 PM. Tickets start at $25 and are available at, 43 S Main in Logan or (435) 752-0026.

Creative Director Chris Lashua spent most of his career on a BMX bike and inside a German Wheel (a large wheel that performers do gymnastics and acrobatics inside). This new production showcases his innate passion and fascination for all things bicycles and cycling. The synergy between man and machine, the hallmark of Cirque Mechanics, is magnificently exposed in Pedal Punk. It is that synergy that The New York Times called “exceptional, evocative, eye-catching and grossly entertaining … in a word, excellent.”

Cirque Mechanics, based in Las Vegas, combines traditional circus disciplines with cirque elements to tell a “real world” story with theatricality. However, it is the design and exploration of innovative mechanical apparatus and the relationship between performer and machines seen on stage, which truly make Cirque Mechanics unique.

Chris Lashua, Creative Director / Founder, hails from Boston, Massachusetts, where he spent most of his youth riding on a BMX bike. He was discovered by Cirque du Soleil and created/performed a BMX bike act that was entirely his own. He was then commissioned to build a German Wheel piece for the company, cementing his reputation as a visionary of circus gadgetry. His engineering chops and creative energy led him to ‘run away’ with his own circus company, Cirque Mechanics. Chris believes that innovative mechanical apparatus and the relationship between performer and machine sets his company apart and is at the heart of what makes Cirque Mechanics unique. Chris has delivered on this unique relationship in Birdhouse Factory and Boom Town, the company’s two theatrical productions and in Cirque Mechanics for the Orchestra, Chris explored the performer machine relationship with the Gantry Bike, a self-contained, pedal driven mechanical stage, worthy of the grand classical music featured in that show. Once again, Chris continues to build on the might of the Gantry Bike, in Pedal Punk, by adding newly designed, inventive pedal driven devices that interact with the performers. In Pedal Punk, Chris masterfully merges his passion for cycling, circus and all things mechanical in an exceptionally playful and artful way.