Iowa Genealogical Society is holding a conferene that will catch your eyes!

OCTOBER 14-15: IGS Fall Conference. Faith Lutheran Church, 10395 University Avenue, Clive, Iowa. Featured speaker: Billie Stone Fogarty.

A professional genealogist and former history teacher with Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees, Billie now devotes her time to infecting others with her love for history up close and personal – family history! She lectures regularly and teaches genealogy each semester in adult continuing education courses. She is author of Guidebook to Researching My Family Tree.

Lecture topics:

Proving Indian Ancestry: Grandma said we were Indian so how do I prove it?

Women in Colonial America: Difficulty finding your female ancestors?

Discovering a National Treasure: The Indian Archives

Share Your Research Without Putting Your Relatives to Sleep

Land Runs, Lotteries, and Homesteading: Settlement American Style

How Do I Keep All This Stuff Straight: Organizing Your Research

Trail of Tears to Indian Territory: There was not just one ―Trail of Tears.

Write It Or Lose It: Preserving Your Family’s History

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