Real Family Fun at Real Family Prices! Here Comes the Circus!

And PICCADILLY CIRCUS has everything you’d expect to see at a Circus. PICCADILLY CIRCUS celebrates 25 years entertaining families throughout North America and “we’ve pulled out all the stops!” You’ll see the ‘Elephant Extravaganza’, an elephant stands on one foot; ‘Motorcycle Madness’ has motorcycle daredevils somersaulting and spinning in a big Globe of Doom; ‘Katunga’ the giant jungle monster; the fabulous ‘Mongolian Angels’ outstanding contortionists; crazy comedy with circus clowns, even a 1923 Model T with a mind of its own; daring aerialists; cirque artists and our special attraction ‘The Boxing Kangaroo’, Rocky a 250 pound kangaroo, will have you falling off your seat laughing as audience members are invited to participate. Its 1½ hours of excitement and fun at PICCADILLY CIRCUS.

Free children’s tickets have been distributed at all elementary schools, pre-schools, day care centers and churches. The Free Tickets are also available at sponsoring businesses in the area.

Special “Buy One Get One Free” adult tickets are available on-line at It is a limited time offer.

PICCADILLY CIRCUS is a production of ICE CAPADES producers and plays mostly 1 or 2 days in each city and travels throughout North America.

Watch for a new twist with the old time circus posters when our Circus Street Team Parade comes to town prior to the circus.

Where: Austin, Texas

When: September 26 and 27, 2011 with shows at 4:30 and 7:30 p.m. each day!

Get Tickets: online
Box Office on show day