Time to see Iranian regime’s “activities” against Camp Liberty residents Speaking,

By: Keyvan Salami

Published for Los Angeles, California

Speaking, recently, at a press conference white house spokesman, John Kirby, , promised that nobody would close eyes on Iran’s other activities from supporting the terrorist groups to the blatant violations of human rights. To assist achieving this goal let us bring into attention some of other activities of the Iranian regime.

Members and supporters of Mojahedin, the Iranian opposition to the brutal dictatorial regime of Iran, are now contained in Camp liberty, just off the Baghdad international Airport. Their dislocation from their former home, Camp Ashraf, was arranged in an agreement between the United Nations and former Iraqi government. United States Government has a key role in this as Mojahedin members – known in US as MEK- surrounded their weapons to US Army and in return US government gave them a signed promise of protection, a promise that was never kept.
Camp Liberty, once an American Army base, now turns out to be a prison for Mojahedin, who struggle to establish freedom and democracy in their country. They are denied free access to outside even for necessary purposes. The camp is controlled by a group of Iraqi Army officers, who were assigned to this post by the office of former Prime Minister Maleki. As it is becoming more and more apparent these days, Maleki, a proxy of Iranian regime, adopted policies dictated to him by the Iranian Ayatollahs. He felt no disgrace for declaring publically his loyalty to Iran’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei. Everything in Camp Liberty is now controlled and decided by Falih Fayyaz, a deputy to Maleki, who still holds his position in the government. In the days following Mr. Kirby’s remarks Iraqi intelligence officers blocked a few trucks loaded with the logistic goods residents had purchased for their basic needs and banned eight residents to go to hospital for their arranged surgery (Statement of the Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran – August 11, 2015). These are familiar scenes frequently repeated in camp Liberty.

It is, of course, understandable that white house had some restraints while promoting talks with Iranian regime to constrain its activities to acquire the atomic bomb. Now with the conclusion of the talks there should be no grounds to keep up with those limitations, especially, when one of the constant “activities” of the Iranian regime is plotting against the lives of Mojahedin in Camp Liberty.
In the past three and a half years, since 2011 when Mojahedin were dislocated to Camp Liberty, calls for UN and US respecting their commitments towards Camp liberty residents did not get to anywhere. Witty justifications, such as regarding the Ayatollahs as their people’s representative, only bring embarrassment to the presenter. The recent events in Iraq have revealed that Nouri Al Maleki, who was once received at white house, only followed in his eight years in office, policies dictated to him by Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei. Maleki is now known as one of the most corrupted and hated politicians in Iraq and the region.
Mojahedin, who live under siege at Camp Liberty, maintained a friendly atmosphere with the Iraqi citizens in their 27 year stay in their country. Nouri Al Maleki prohibited Iraqi citizens from socializing with Mojahedin. Keeping camp residents under siege and subject to constant security threats are “activities” of the Iranian regime whose meddlings in the regional countries are always on top of the news.
The extensive activities of the Iranian regime is now more clear after Iranian backed Houthis terrorists’ defeat in Yemen and when “19,000 kilograms of ammunition , 144 kilograms of explosives, 68 pieces of various types of weapon and 204 hand grenades” were secretly cached, by terrorist groups proxies of Iran, in Kuwait. Bahrain security authorities arrested 5 terrorists affiliated to Iran who had targeted a bus carrying police officers, killing two of the officers. Another shipment of explosives and weapons from Iran was also discovered by the Bahrain police. The Mullahs ruling Iran are “actively” trying to have other people under siege as well. While according to a new Quinnipiac University poll Six in 10 American voters, 58 percent, disapprove of the recently reached nuclear pact ,angry family members of U.S. citizens who have been victims of Iranian-sponsored terrorism and violence said they will do all that’s humanly possible to block the part of the deal that lifts economic sanctions on the Iranian government.
White house simply needs to listen to its own people whose dignitaries and representatives have, at times, supported the cause of the Iranians who are now under siege in Camp Liberty. That is the extensive “activities” of the Iranian regime white house promised not to overlook.

I am a human rights activities/ Journalist and I what to raise public awareness in regard to devastating human rights situation in Middle East, particularly in Iran; seeking democracy for Iran and peace for the region against nuclear Iran. – See more at: http://www.area-info.net/articles/show.php?cty=&st=&article_id=10602&t=Time_To_See_Iranian_Regime%E2%80%99s_%E2%80%9Cactivities%E2%80%9D_Against_Camp_Liberty_Residents____Speaking,_Recently#sthash.N1FfnXgn.dpuf