It’s a Frozen World Out There

Last night I had the chance to go to a movie with my niece. There really weren’t that many choices for movies for a seven year old, so it was Frozen for us. I got there a little late, so it was nice to have the reserved seating … I knew how many people I had to walk in front of to get to my seat. (For the record, it was only two.)

I had heard that the movie was a winner, so I was kind of excited to see it. I thought the animation was great. The expressions and voice intonations matched perfectly (to my untrained eye). The story of two sisters who were inseparable in their youth had to be separated because of the older sisters magical powers of freezing everything in sight.
When the older sister became queen, she ended up freezing the entire country and the only way to unfreeze the country was through a true act of love.

In my mind it was a throwback to feature length animated dramas that I used to watch on a Sunday afternoon on the television. Of course, there were some songs by the princesses, a villain, a good guy and the obligatory animated snowman.

Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen”, it is a great tale staged in the region of the Netherlands. If you have a little extra time during the holidays, head over to the theatre and spend a relaxing hour or so enjoying a story put into wonderful animation for you. – See more at: